About End Exclusion

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There are many poor people in the world.
Many of them are people with disabilities.

These people often do not have money
to pay for food, health care or education.

This is a campaign to make people see how important it is
to help people with disabilities in poor countries.  

The “END EXCLUSION – Let’s Enable the Millennium Development Goals” project sets out to change attitudes so that persons with disabilities are not denied their human rights because of discrimination. We especially want to make sure that persons with disabilities are included in programmes designed to reduce poverty, which is often not the case.

We believe it is important to work towards more inclusive societies and think young people are the main driving force of change. That’s why this project gives them the opportunity to stand up both for inclusion and for the eradication of poverty.

All over the world, people can become ambassadors of social change and be committed to ending poverty and including persons with disabilities at all levels. Inclusive music and sport events will take place in Austria, the Netherlands, Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

By providing resources and other learning opportunities, the project will also help journalists and other opinion formers such as politicians, teachers, and leaders of extra-curricular activities, raise awareness in their networks.

“END EXCLUSION- Let’s Enable the Millennium Development Goals” is a three year awareness raising project funded by the European Union. It is implemented by Licht für die Welt (Austria), Light for the World Netherlands, Svetlo pro Svet (Czech Republic), The Dutch Coalition on Disability and Development (NL) and eRko (Slovakia).