to inclusion

Raise your voice for the inclusion of persons with disabilities: Add your name to the worldwide campaign and send us your own YES video or photo!

Meet Daya, a young girl with a visual impairment from South Sudan. She tells us what it means for her to go to school.

Do you also think it’s important for children like Daya to get an education just like other children her age?

Will you say YES to Inclusion?

In Africa, and other parts of the world, having a disability often means being excluded from society and being poorer than others. On the 23rd September 2013 at the United Nations, an important meeting will take place. World leaders will have a chance to change this and make sure that persons with disabilities are always included in the fight against poverty. Together, we want to show them that we care about this issue. The world is watching and saying YES to inclusion!

What Can you do?

  • Add you name to the YES Campaign by giving your name and email address in the box at the top of this page.
  • Send us your video or photo saying YES in Sign Language! Why not get your friends to do it with you? Take a picture or video of you saying YES in your local or in the international sign language (find out how here) and send it to If your file is too big to send you can use this website or just send us a Facebook or Youtube link.
  • Send a tweet with your message about inclusion with the hashtag #Yestoinclusion

Download information about this campaign in pdf format