This award-winning documentary follows the daily lives of Victoria, Mariana and Vasco, 3 young persons with physical disabilities in Mozambique’s capital Maputo. It shows the barriers faced by persons with disabilities in developing countries and places their rights in the spotlight. www.bodyandsoulmozambique.com

The director Matthieu Bron at B&S film shoot

Matthieu Bron is an independent film maker born in France who lived in Mozambique from 1998 to 2011. His production company is called MEETINGS.

 “The focus of the documentary is how you can make it in life. And that has to do with everybody. It’s an extreme situation when you have a disability. But life is something that we all have to deal with in a different manner. That’s what the film is about.

I didn’t expect such a success of the documentary. I’m very happy that it also won a prize on a film-festival that has nothing to do with disability and has been shown on different occasions that were not about disability. The film goes beyond disability."

Meet the Characters

These quotes are extracts of an interview conducted by Janneke Juffermans in November 2012. You will find the full interview here.

Victoria MassingueVictoria Massingue
In what way did the documentary influence your lives?:
 ‘People who have seen the movie, see us as a source of inspiration. It strengthens them and inspires them. Because if we can be strong, they can be strong as well. ’

  Mariana Tembe

Mariana Tembe

Do you think this film can change the attitude of society towards persons with a disability?
‘The film wasn’t intended this way. It was intended to tell our live stories. However, we have been given a lot of feedback from people who watched the movie. They began to look differently at the subject of inclusion.’

Vasco Covane   Vasco Covane
Where would you like to be in five years?
‘Many things are on my wish list. I first would like to have a job, so I can sustain myself. Then I would like to have a wife and children, and to be independent. So people who see me, will say: ‘look, he has a home, he is the father of these children and the husband of this wife.’ Instead of saying: ‘he is alone, all by himself’. This is very important to me.’ 


Read the Full interview of the characters and Director by Janneke Juffermans here
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