Irkyihun's story

Irkyihun was kept inside the house by his mother, because of his disability. After receiving home based treatment he can now walk to school. And his mother is helping other families with children with disabilities.

Maria's story

Young athlete Maria has very limited eyesight. But that doesn't stop her from winning an impressive amount of medals in international contests.

Pita's story

Pita caught measles and became completely blind. Despite his disability, he loves running and won several medals in international contests.

Wondiye's story

Wondiye walked into a grenade when he was 10 years old. He lost his right forearm and became blind in his right eye. Years later he won a silver medal at the Paralympics 2012.

Aaron's story

The story of Aaron—a nine-year-old child with intellectual disability from Malawi— who was discovered tied to a tree by Special Olympics coach and community leader Joyless Mambeya.

Story of Tariku

Tariku has a disease called Podoconiosis, caused mainly from coming in contact with a type of terrain called “red soil”.

Belayinesh‘s Story

Belayinesh is almost seven years old and lives in the outskirts of Arba Minch, a town in southern Ethiopia. Her family is very poor. Her father works the land and her mother does the housekeeping and takes care of Belayinesh and her three little sisters.

Levy's story

Meet Levy, 14 years old, from the village of Kegulu in South Sudan. Back in 2004, he was playing football with his friends when a landmine exploded and he lost his leg.